Soldier to Soldier Bracelet Taupe with Traditional silver clasp 8.3"
Soldier to Soldier Bracelet Taupe with Traditional silver clasp 8.3"

Soldier to Soldier Bracelet Taupe with Traditional silver clasp 8.3"

Soldier to Soldier

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Taupe with Traditional Sterling Silver Clasp 8.3"

Authentic LovelinksAmerica From Soldier to Soldier Navy braided parachute bracelet with sterling silver heart clasp.

The "From Soldier To Soldier" bracelets are a designer version of the survival bracelets worn by many US and allied soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

$20 of every purchase is donated to organizations assisting wounded Veterans and their families.

These fashion bracelets are made from tightly braided parachute cord with a designer clasp.

All bracelets are assembled and made from materials in the USA.

From a press release:

The Uptown Shop is taking their support of the troops to the next level by selling From Soldier to Soldier bracelets that benefit Homes For Our Troops, an organization that helps severely injured veterans remodel or build homes that accommodate their needs.

Depending on the model, the bracelets retail for $95 and $145, and $20 from every sale goes to Homes For Our Troops.

Niels Christiansen, chief executive officer of LoveLinksAmerica, which produces From Soldier to Soldier bracelets in Rhode Island, said he knew the idea would work in the United States to support our soldiers. The bracelets link the public to the men and women who have served the country, he said.

The bracelets are modeled after survival bracelets worn by soldiers. They come with clasps, crystals, and diamonds among other styles

"Those are called survival bracelets and they are worn all over the place, Soldiers also exchange them as friendship bracelets. They also take them as symbolism -- the clasp would symbolize the uniform, and to some people, each knot symbolizes a fallen hero."

"Everybody sees this as a way to give back to the military," she said. "The demographics has been anybody from teenage boys, to women, and Father's Day was huge."

So far, the program has raised about $700,000 nationally for the organization, according to the, program manager for the home award program for Homes For Our Troops. The organization has partnered with LoveLinksAmerica for about a year and hopes it can build on the success it's seen, we try to put every dollar we get right into the program."  For more information about Homes For Our Troops, visit