30th Anniversary Bracelet (Retired)

30th Anniversary Bracelet (Retired)


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The Anniversary Bracelet symbolizes the flow of time. It reveals the 30 year history of Trollbeads in all its many shapes, colours and patterns; exhibiting Trollbeads’ state of the art design and craftsmanship.

From the beginning of life, peeping out from a pram, and the myriad of colours in the palette of the glass beads, to the reflection of textile design over three exciting decades. This period has also seen romance, mirrored in its flowers and trolls. The strong touch of Danish history and its tradition has not been forgotten.

Denmark’s famous Viking warships, once majestically decorated, are echoed in the beads. The bracelet is held securely together by a wise troll with 30 years in his backpack. And last, but not least, the golden “heart beat” in 18 carat gold adds the final touch to this exquisite bracelet.

It was 30 years ago that brother Søren created the first bead with “six faces”. Many more were to follow and the name Trollbeads came naturally.

The more Trollbeads that were designed the more family members became involved and so they began working together. Father Svend described the miracle of nature and the magic that is revealed in our every day life. Those great stories were translated into the small beads and together with brother Jens, they made sure that the growing demand was taken care of.

Brother Per cracked the hardest nut of all, an ability to drill a hole in the fresh water pearls without breaking them; and sister Lise brought the magnificent colour spectrum to the collection by introducing the glass beads.

The Anniversary Bracelet is as unique as the history of Trollbeads. Every bracelet has its own serial number carried on an engraved bead. The assembled bracelet has a limited edition and is sold world wide. Only the chain and fresh water pearl will continue to be a part of the Trollbeads universe.

Our most sincere thanks to all of you for everything that you have contributed to our jewellery, be it the inspiration, design, retailing, selling and buying of Trollbeads.

You make it possible for us to go on and create new dimensions in the story of Trollbeads.